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Veteran Car Loans in Jonesboro


Veteran Car Loans in Jonesboro

If you are a veteran, you should know that we at Premier Auto hold all our national veterans with the highest esteem. We honor you for the sacrifices that you made to serve and protect our great country. For this reason, we are offering you Veteran Car Loans in Jonesboro. Our veteran auto loans come with much more favorable auto loan terms than those that you will get with ordinary auto loans. As a veteran, you automatically qualify for these auto loans. We will give you an auto loan even with bad credit. Therefore, be sure to take advantage of this chance to get the car you have always longed for.

Veteran Car Loans Terms

One of the benefits that you will get with our Veteran Car Loans in Jonesboro is special incentives and cash-back rebates. These special incentives and cash-back rebates will significantly reduce the amount of money that you will need to pay for the down payments of these auto loans. This means that even if you had not set apart some money for a down payment, you will not have much trouble paying a down payment on one of our auto loans. Another benefit that you will get with our veteran auto loans is a discounted interest rate. This means that with our auto loans you will save hundreds of dollars worth of interest. Our veteran auto loans also offer the convenience of having lengthy payment periods. You can have payment periods that stretch as long as 84 months. The longer the payment period, the smaller monthly payment amounts; therefore, it will be easier to pay the payments with such long payment periods. Because we have partnered with lending companies that also love veterans, you are also assured of much quicker credit approvals when you come to us.

Benefits of Veteran Car Loans in Jonesboro

At Premier Auto, you will also get a Premier Protection Warranty with every vehicle that you will acquire from us. This will come at no extra charge to you. You will also get maintenance service discounts for as long as you will own the vehicle(s) that you will acquire from us. These two benefits assure you of greatly reduced overall vehicle maintenance costs. You will also like the fact that we at Premier Auto stock vehicles that are in excellent condition. Our vehicles have been sourced from reputable sources, and they have been thoroughly serviced and tested.

We at Premier Auto welcome you to come to our offices to apply for our Veteran Car Loans in Jonesboro. You will find us at 2200 Red Wolf Blvd, Jonesboro, AR 72401. If you have any questions, call us at 1-870-738-9935.

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