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Financing with College Loan Debt for Used Cars in Jonesboro

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Financing with College Loan Debt for Used Cars in Jonesboro

The fact that you have college loan debt should not limit your chances of getting an auto loan. That is our conviction at Premier Auto of Jonesboro. We believe that as all college graduates start out in the corporate world, they deserve the chance to start off with the cars of their dreams. This is why we are offering Financing with College Loan Debt for Used Cars in Jonesboro. It does not matter to us whether you have good or bad credit. All that we need you to have is a job or a source of income that you would use to repay the auto loan.

Financing with College Loan Debt

We at Premier Auto of Jonesboro have served college graduates for many years, so we understand your needs. We know the most preferred vehicles among college graduates and we have them all at our dealership. At our dealership, you have access to over 40,000 vehicles at any one time, and they are of all types i.e. sports cars, SUVs, hatchbacks, convertibles, luxury sedans, etc. You would be sure to get the vehicle that you would want at our dealership. We at Premier Auto of Jonesboro are also conscious of the fact that college graduates that default on auto loan payments do so because they made the wrong vehicle decision. When you will come to us for Financing with College Loan Debt for Used Cars in Jonesboro, we will take time to advise you on the best vehicles to apply for depending on your current financial situation. After you provide your financial information, our experienced auto finance officers will compare your current income with your current expenses, and will give you a price range within which to remain. This will help you to make a wise auto loan decision that you will not regret.

Selection of Used Cars in Jonesboro

You should also know that our used vehicles are very reasonably priced. Therefore, our Financing with College Loan Debt for Used Cars in Jonesboro is also quite affordable. It comes with low down payments that you would be able to readily afford. It also comes with competitive interest rates. Another thing that you will like about our auto loans is our long auto loan repayment periods. These long periods guarantee you of easy-to-pay monthly payments.

You can apply for our auto financing with college loan debt at our dealership or on our website. We at Premier Auto of Jonesboro would love to see you achieve your desire of owning a good quality car. We are located at 2200 Red Wolf Blvd, Jonesboro, AR 72401. You can also call us at 870-738-9935.

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