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Financing for Veterans for Pre-Owned Cars in Jonesboro

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Financing for Veterans for Pre-Owned Cars in Jonesboro

Buying a car as a veteran of the US military carries some perks that civilians do not get to benefit from, but veterans are also expected to lead the way in following through on loans. Not the least of those perks is the special treatment Premier Auto gives to veterans. When a veteran walks through the doors of our Jonesboro dealership, we are proud and honored to serve them as they have served our country.

Qualifying for Financing for Veterans

We want to serve veterans like they have served their country. If you are seeking Financing for Veterans for Pre-Owned Cars in Jonesboro, come talk to us at Premier Auto today and we will see how we can help you get the loan you need. Getting Financing for Pre-Owned Cars is a lot easier than for civilians. While many people struggle to prove that they are reliable and trustworthy, a veteran need only mention their honorable service in the US military and we instantly know we can trust them to keep their word. We know how hard having in active credit can be which is why you can also apply right now online to be pre-approved. The short form asks for basic information and we will contact you after.

Getting Pre-Owned Cars in Jonesboro

As a veteran, you can get access to exclusive deals with us as well to help you find the best vehicle. In this sense, veterans are the same as everybody else. To make Financing for Veterans for Pre-Owned Cars in Jonesboro as easy as possible, it’s advisable to save up a down payment of at least 10%. With this down payment in place, veterans will not only be much more likely to receive approval for a loan, they will also pay less interest overall and lower monthly payments.

Premier Auto thanks veterans for the hard work and dedication to our country. Were it not for your service, we may not be here to do our job. To that end, we will work with any veteran to secure Financing for Veterans for Pre-Owned Cars in Jonesboro. Give us a call at 870-738-9935 or stop by our dealership at 2200 Red Wolf Blvd in Jonesboro, and Premier Auto will work with you to ensure you get the right loan for you. At Premier Auto, our goal is to help each and every client get financed so that they can get the car they want.

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