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Car Loans with No Credit in Paragould

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Car Loans with No Credit in Paragould

The world of auto financing is confusing for many drivers, especially those who have no credit and no experience working with car loans.If you are new to car financing, you may not be aware that having little to no credit is a serious obstacle between you and a loan with most businesses, but here at Premier Auto, we have the resources and expertise necessary to offer our clients Car Loans with No Credit in Paragould.

Credit History and Car Loans with No Credit

A credit history is a record that catalogs your financial activity throughout your life. Credit cards, mortgages, and car loans are all recorded in your credit report, in addition to events such as bankruptcy, default, and repossession. Now, if we think of your credit report as a kind of report card, then the accompanying credit score is like the letter grade that evaluates your overall performance. Your credit score is a three-digit number that rates your financial behavior, and potential lenders use this number when evaluating a loan application.

A high score usually results in loan approval and low interest rates, whereas a low score may cause problems for the applicant. All of this probably makes intuitive sense, but the non-intuitive part is how dealerships view no credit: in our judicial system you are innocent until proven guilty, whereas in the world of credit and auto financing you are essentially guilty until proven innocent. In other words, no credit can sometimes be as problematic for a driver as bad credit. When you visit a dealership and apply for a car loan, the financial department will review your credit history, but if you have no credit history the loan officers will likely mark your application as high risk. Here at Premier Auto, however, we have a solution: Car Loans with No Credit in Paragould.

Our Application for Car Loans in Paragould

Your first step is filling out a financial application, which can be completed through our website online. Soon after you submit this information, our team will be in touch with details about your loan approval. In addition to supplying you with a vehicle, our Car Loans with No Credit in Paragould are a great way to start building credit for future loans and investment.

Get in touch with our financial department today if you are interested in Car Loans with No Credit in Paragould. You can reach us on the phone at 870-738-9935, or you can come speak with us in person at 2200 Red Wolf Blvd., Jonesboro, AR 72401. Here at Premier Auto we offer our clients an extensive inventory of vehicles and competitive financing. Contact us today.

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